New mobile app!

The new user interface allows easier, faster collaboration.

Executing work or solving a problem in industrial environments is a balancing act: you need to be thorough and pay attention to details, but you want everyone to be on the same page quickly, without unnecessary barriers and red tape. 

After observing how Mela is used in the field, it became apparent that the app could become even more intuitive and effective, facilitating everyday actions like adding notes, labels, and searching for specific data within a work task.

The Mela team went to work, and after several weeks of development we are happy to announce a new, shining user interface for our mobile app.

The main change in version 2.3.2 is how information is added and visualised in a single task: sharing data and contributing knowledge has become a chat-like experience, leveraging the type of interface we are used to in our everyday life.

Moreover, we added geo-tagging to the single items in a task. Photos can be shown on a dedicated map, for quick access to detailed images and sketches.

Let us know what you think!