Professionals and leaders in the Construction industry recognize that people and communication are the critical components of complex construction projects. Even after implementing the most advanced 3D technologies and the best project management tools, the collection and sharing of information from the field can be a big source of errors and become time consuming.

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Furthermore, when it comes to project management, modification management and quality assurance, the presence of skilled people on the field cannot be replaced. Yet, their time and life can be improved dramatically.

Using Mela, the normal communication among workers and supervisors becomes an incredible source of information to make sure that the project is heading in the right direction.

Track the work on the field, from the field

  • Collect and sync data in one go directly on site, avoid spending time inserting data twice in the back office.
  • All your company’s field work is tracked through Mela as it happens, and it populates your customizable reporting and feeds. Time for daily reports is reduced by 90%.
  • Export the collected data and use them in your project management system. The office and the site are aligned on what is really happening in the field.
  • Spotty network and confined spaces at your construction site are not a roadblock. Use mela on smart phones and tablets, whether online or offline.

    Work across teams including contractors and third parties

    • Share changes, risk information and work progress across departments and with contractor crews. Define your default sharing options and add specific people or firms to the workflow.
    • Include contractors and partners in your mela network and leverage third parties to collect information and populate your knowledge database.
    • Follow and control the work of different crews, increasing accountability among the workforce.
    • Include clients or contractors as necessary, to solve project changes and possible claims in a short time and an effective manner. All your communications are automatically tracked and available for reports and documentation.

      Increase quality and solve claims before they become critical

      • An image is worth a thousand words: add geo-tagged, time-stamped photos to mela tasks and inspect property status, monitor work progress and report violations.
      • Record voice messages in the field to track observations, risks, findings: your words will be automatically transcribed in the system and form the basis of your knowledge database.
      • Add and track material resources used on site.
      • Improving quality and improving safety are often the same process: more information is available, more people are accountable, more risks are identified and mitigated.