Increased automation, Lean processes, and World Class Manufacturing practices have raised the bar in the pursuit of manufacturing excellence.

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In this challenging scenario people are becoming the key player in the company’s success: their role has shifted from acting to thinking and their behavior makes the difference when it comes to results.

Professionals and leaders in the Manufacturing industry can use Mela to enhance communication and data collection directly in the field, taking collaboration and knowledge sharing to the next level.

Enhance communication
  • An image is worth a thousand words: add geo-tagged, time-stamped photos with Mela and share identified issues, solutions and work progress.
  • Record voice messages directly in the field to track observations, risks, findings: your words will be automatically transcribed in the system and form the basis of your knowledge database.
  • All your non-conformance, improvement actions, and analytics reports are in your pocket; and you didn't even have to write them!

    Every activity becomes knowledge  
    • Doing the work in the field and the reporting at the office is part of the past. With Mela, people can perform problem analysis and data collection directly on site, while the reporting is completely automated.
    • When using Mela, you are informing others about your activity and inviting them to share their ideas and comments with you. Mela analyzes the collaboration and automatically creates your knowledge database.
    • The experience from the past is available for the people facing the issues right now. Sharing and learning directly in the field becomes so normal that it goes unnoticed.

        Work across teams and third parties

        • Is your shift handover difficult and time consuming? Change your log books into digital collaborative platforms.
        • Are your teams using Chats to collaborate and is problem-solving becoming chaotic? Use Mela instead: the issues are tracked until their solution, while everyone is informed and engaged.
        • Include suppliers and partners in your mela network and leverage third parties to collect and share all the necessary information.