Power Generation


Power Generation

Mela helps organizations get the most out of interconnected field activities.

Check out the experience of some of our customers:

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Professionals and leaders in the Power Generation industry can use mela to track and collaboratively manage maintenance work, field operations, construction projects and plant modifications.

Digitize paper based processes 
  • An image is worth a thousand words: add geo-tagged, time-stamped photos to mela tasks and monitor equipment status, work progress and condition reports.
  • Record voice messages on the field to track observations, risks, findings: your words will be automatically transcribed in the system and form the basis of your knowledge database.
  • All your company’s field work is tracked through mela as it happens, and it populates your customizable reporting and feeds. Learning from operating experience becomes a daily reality.

    Work on the field, from the field 
    • Spotty network and confined spaces at your power plant are not a roadblock. Use mela on smart phones and tablets, whether online or offline.
    • Improve safety by running pre-job briefings directly on the field and increase work quality as a result.
    • Collect and sync data in one go, avoid spending time inserting data twice in the back office.

      Work across teams including contractors and third parties 
      • Share risk information, work progress across departments and with contractor crews. Define your default sharing options and add specific people or firms to the workflow.
      • Include contractors and partners in your mela network and leverage third parties to collect information and populate your knowledge database.
      • Follow and control the work of different crews, increasing accountability among the workforce.