Why choose Mela?

  • Track your work on the field

    Information collected by field crews is automatically syncronized, becoming instantly available. Status reports become easy and hassle-free.

  • Save time

    No more inserting data twice. No more manual reporting at the end of the work day. You work, Mela takes care of the rest. 

  • Easily manage contractors

    Mela allows you to select the audience you share your work with. Field contractors can both add information and receive support from the office.

  • Reduce paperwork

    Stop accumulating paper and eliminate time-consuming manual entry into legacy systems. Mela tasks are geo-tagged and time-stamped: safe and compliant.

  • Operational Experience

    All your company’s field work is tracked through mela as it happens. Learning from operating experience becomes a daily reality.

  • Drive your Safety Culture

    Track risks and minimize blind spots due to poor tracking or information sharing. Streamline processes and build organizational excellence. 

Mela is a smart work application

Mela is a smart collaboration app that organizes and simplifies fieldwork, both online and offline.

Track your teams, locations and assets in real-time and keep everyone in the loop so that managers, workers and contractors are on the same page.

Mela also automatically processes and analyses your operational data to help you save time, reduce errors and increase productivity.

Your field work communication on a single platform

Today's fieldwork issues are caused by fragmented communication,

leading to job errors, lost money, lost client trust, and the inability to find root causes

Mela helps your team collect and track field information on a single platform, helping everyone save time and collaborate.

Mela is the way forward

Start collaborating right away.

Mela is not only fast, effective and streamlined. It also comes without headaches. Ever gone through a long and costly IT implementation project disrupting your business for months? Or has your company missed out on a smart solution because of the hassle of setting it up?
Mela is born with no integrations, requires no dedicated hardware and has no deployment Gantt attached. Just log in and go.