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Working on site Working on site

Can I edit the information I write on Mela?

Sure: You can edit or delete anything you post, provided no signatures were inserted after the information you want to modify.


Long press on the top part of the message you want to edit (text, photo, voice, video, etc.) and select the action you want to execute: you will be able to delete an item or edit it if it is a text message, a caption, a voice message transcription, or a checklist.


Click on the three dots on the item you want to edit or delete and select the action you want to execute.

Remember: if the information you are trying to edit or delete is followed by one or more signatures it won't be possible to complete the action. Signatures have the power of "freezing" all previous task data, making it "approved" or "certified" depending on your company's workflow.


Enterprise users can do this by assigning the right Group Permissions.

Users who have the edit and/or delete permission can edit or delete other user's messages in the same way they would delete their own.

As for your own items, no data can be modified if it has been at any point followed by one or more signatures.

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