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How can I invite people to collaborate on a task?

It's simple: you can either add people to an existing group which is already associated to a task, or you can share a task directly with a specific person or new group by clicking on the "share" icon at the top of a task.

To add people to a group, select the existing group you want to add them to and click on "members". Start typing the name of the person you want to add: if the person's email is already in your phone's contact list you will be able to select it; otherwise type the email of the person you want to add to the group.


  1. If the person is a registered Mela user, he/she will be immediately added to the group.
  2. If not, they will receive an email with an invite to sign up, and they will be automatically added to the group after signing up.

Do you want to share a task? You can tap on the "share" icon within a task (top right). You can select an existing group or a person from your contact list. Otherwise, type the email of the people you want to share the task with.

  1. People will be added to the task if they are already Mela users.
  2. Otherwise they will receive an email with a signup link.

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