How it works

In this page you can learn Mela's basics with the following video tutorials:

  • Creating Tasks
  • Adding information to tasks
  • Groups and Sharing
  • The Web Portal
  • Accounting
  • Reports
  • Search Functionalities

Creating Tasks

Tasks are Mela's main elements. A task can be an activity, a work order, an issue, etc.

Adding information to tasks

Similarly to what you can do in a messaging app, there are several types of information you can exchange through Mela.



Groups and Sharing

Creating groups allows you to share important work with the right people: colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.

The Web Portal

You can log in to the web portal on Mela's website and enjoy additional functionalities.




With Mela, you can track people, materials and services in a simple way within each task.



It's possible to export your tasks in several formats, and create your printable reports with no additional work!

Search Functionalities

Quickly recover information using a powerful and flexible search.