Simple and powerful features for work in the field


Keep track of your work, wherever you are

The Mela chat becomes the history book of your activities. You can log your construction and maintenance work quickly and easily, even remotely.

  • Collect pictures and voice notes
  • Share information in real time, whether in the field or at the office
  • Get rid of paper
Manage costs

Manage costs

Mela allows you to keep track of worked hours, materials and services used in a super-intuitive way.

  • Easily create your accounting logs
  • Track materials, man-hours, and tools for each work site
  • You can even take a photo of your invoices and waybills, and your material sheets will be magically created!
  • Compare real usage with budgeted amounts

Fill out and sign site reports with your smartphone

With Mela you can fill out reports directly from your smartphone and have everyone sign them directly in the app.

  • Easily create your site reports templates
  • Fill out them with your smarthpone
  • Have everyone sign them in the chat
Create your reports with one click

Create your reports with one click

Everything collected on Mela can be exported in pdf, xlsx, and doc formats. No more late nights downloading stuff and organizing it in hand-written reports.

  • Export your work timeline, progress reports, safety checks, etc.
  • Customize your reports using filters
  • Add your company logo

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